Code Domain Isolation Technology


Unlike all other security solutions, the technology protects against virus and malware threats without requiring prior knowledge of the type of threat, thus rendering “zero day” attacks useless.

The technology is deployed by implementing the solution between a private network and public Internet (like a firewall).  The technology removes all original digital code artifacts from the digital communication stream thereby preventing the possibility for a network and security breach.  The removal of digital code artifacts from the medium upstream of the end user computing device provides isolation, preventing malicious attacks by viruses and malware threats – there is simply no code conduit to transport such attacks.  The Company refers to the technology as Code Domain Isolation or CDI.

Because all web based viruses and malware are of code construct they cannot penetrate the CDI barrier gateway.  The CDI Gateway removes all original incoming digital based computer code artifacts from a web page insuring that a virus and malware free data stream is delivered to the browser application on the end user’s computer.

The Company’s initial plan for the technology is to develop products and services that focus on the computing activity most susceptible to cyber attacks – navigating through web pages on the Internet.  The Company’s technology will eliminate security threats while accessing web pages through browser applications regardless of the end users computing device.

Code Domain Isolation US Patent No. 8,875,273