Eliminating Web Threat

Billions of dollars are lost each year from malicious attacks on personal, commercial, and government networks. Unrecoverable losses of private and confidential information impact thousands of individuals, businesses and institutions every day. As the number of threats and vulnerabilities to computer networks continue to increase the need to address operating system updates, application patches, antivirus signatures, etc., is becoming more critical and difficult to manage.

Isolated Technologies, LLC (ITL) has developed revolutionary new technology that will isolate computer networks from security threats protecting online computing assets and confidential information from the losses and risks associated with cyber threats.

This new technology is not an incremental improvement or advancement of today’s network security solutions - it’s a new game-changing approach to the problem. Current security products and services follow the same old repetitious pattern of throwing up new hurdles in front of uninvited visitors and malevolent hackers that in a short period of time, and to no one’s surprise, will be penetrated. With ITL technology deployed, this perpetual cat and mouse game is over - the security threat is completely eliminated.